Animal Friends Art Project

Artists will paint/color/collage their choice of animal, then cut out and paste onto a 5 x 7" canvas panel. 

Materials needed: 5 x 7" canvas board, canvas, or wood panel; acrylic paint, crayons, colored pencils, scissors. Optional: collage papers, thread. 

Simplify: adults help younger artists cut out the colored parts and arrange on the canvas // Elevate: include collage papers as "clothing" for the animals, and thread for the bunting. Draw additional elements for each animal, such as a hat, bowtie, present, birthday cake, flower, etc.; or switch up the words on the bunting to the artist's name, or other words of your choice. These panels can be easily hung on the wall with the addition of twine or ribbon, they also are adorable framed as a series in a child's room.