Autumn Leaf Prints Project

Artists use real leaves, high-quality acrylic paints, and gorgeous, thick paper to make one-of-a-kind impressions straight from nature.

Materials needed: real leaves (still fresh and bendable, not dried; thin and flexible leaves that can lay flat such as maple are best; avoid overly thick or curled leaves such as holly), acrylic paint, brushes, paint palette. Optional: collage papers.

Simplify: Adults help younger artists apply thin layers of paint to leaves, and help press onto the paper  // Elevate: reuse the same leaf repeatedly with different colors; those leaf prints will be multi-colored and beautiful. Older artists can cut leaf shapes from collage papers and include them in their compositions. Leaf prints can also be made into garlands (see first photograph below), placemats, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and more.

Note: this project can be done in any season that has leaves! Switch up the colors of paint depending on the season you are creating in.