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Community Art Project

Art-making collaboration at its best: a large art piece bursting with the energy and brushstrokes of multiple artists! Whether your "community" is your family, class, bunch of friends, school, organization, or business, this is a project that is loads of fun to create.

Materials needed: Acrylic paints in various colors, brushes of different shapes and sizes. Canvas, wood panel, sturdy paper such as watercolor paper, unstretched canvas, or even a drop cloth. If your artists are many, the larger the better! 

Simplify: Lay the canvas or paper flat on a protected table, and give younger artists larger brushes to work with // Elevate: Make a game of it, and continue to paint until the entire surface is covered in paint. Use a spray bottle to create drips, add layer upon layer of color

Tip: A sturdy cup filled a bit with a single color and a single brush makes things easy; when the artist wants to change colors, he or she selects a new cup; this way there's minimal mixing (and muddy-ing) of colors and no need to rinse brushes until the end of the project.

Ideas: Create an abstract masterpiece to display in your home, school, office, church; or create a piece for a fundraiser of your choice. 

Details: the community art project featured here was created at Roots & Wings Holistic Art & Wellness Center in Malibu, California in August 2017. Artists of all ages were invited to contribute to the painting, with the finished piece sold at auction and proceeds going to fund free parent education and child therapy in Malibu schools. All contributing artist’s names and signatures were included on the back.