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Creepy Ancestors Project

Transform vintage photographs into something truly terrifying! Use the vintage tin-type photos provided, or use your personal family photos that are hiding in the attic... either way, we'll turn already-chill-inducing old photos into something eeeek-tastic!

Materials needed: Acrylic paint, scissors, glue sticks, vintage photographs. You can use the reproductions in the template section (6 images are included) or use your own photographs. Optional materials: halloween stamps, glitter, glitter glue, collage papers

Simplify: younger artists can use halloween stamps or simple shapes to add pumpkins or hats to photographs // Elevate: Older artists can use heads and body parts from one photograph to incorporate into another photo; frame finished photographs in dark gothic frames and hang on the wall, make into greeting cards and send to family and friends,

Ideas to add to photographs: witches's hats, brooms, black cats, horns, tails, sharp teeth; zombies, pumpkin heads, moons and stars, Halloween candy, blood, skeletons, grave stones.

Note: It's fun to shop for old photos in antique stores, but a great (and easy!) place to source vintage photographs is Ebay. Search for "Vintage Tin Type Photograph Lots" -- and you will be directed to all the auctions with multiple photographs.