Painted & Embellished Forest Branches Project

Brushed with colorful paint and embellished with beads, feathers, string and yarn, this project is a joy to create! Shown here: branches from some of Southern California's most magical trees, which include Live Oak, Sycamore, Pine, and Willow. 

Materials needed: tree branches (collected from your yard, neighborhood, a nearby park or wooded area) acrylic paint, thread, string, fabric. Optional materials: white and black gesso, beads, feathers, beading string. 

Simplify: give large brushes to younger artists, adults assist in tying on beaded string. These can be called "Magic Forest Wands" for the littlest artists // Elevate: create intricate designs with fine brushes: dots, dashes, chevrons, diamonds. For teens and adults: add a word/affirmation to your branch; dip feather tips in glitter.