Allergies: The Flower Show, SugarMynt Gallery, South Pasadena, CA

I'm proud to be a part of SugarMynt Gallery's Allergies: The Flower Show. Three of my mandalas are on display in the show, which is up until May 7th.

Participating artists are Bonnie Lambert, Brenda Cibrian, Clovis Blackwell, Dany Paragouteva, Dani Manning, Douglas Alvarez, Kelley & Cricket,

Lori Hutchison, Rob Grad, SaraRose, Shelley Kommers (me!), Shula Arbel, and Terri Berman.


Available works are below; Left to Right: 540 Mandala, 70's Mandala, and 6 Mandala. 

Please contact SarahRose Orlandini for pricing and purchasing information: 

Tel: (626)222-7257 // 810 Meridian Avenue, South Pasadena, CA 91030 // Email: