Glitter Acorns

Paint real acorns, and then finish them off with a coat of sparkly glitter... a magical addition to your holiday decorating! 

Materials needed: acorns, acrylic paint, fine glitter. The secret to getting these acorns as vivid and gorgeous as possible is to paint the tops first with acrylic paint, and then use the finest glitter you can find. Glitter is best sprinkled on slowly while rotating the acorn; if the paint has already dried, a thin coat of craft glue or Mod Podge on top of the paint works great. Place a bowl underneath to catch excess glitter, which can be reused if you like. (I've been using the same tubes of glitter for years now!)

Simplify: For young artists: have them hold the acorn and rotate it while an adult sprinkles on the glitter //  Elevate: tie a bow and add a name card for a beautiful holiday place setting; use a fine brush to create a face on the acorn.

Artist Tip: avoid simply dipping the acorn top into the glitter; it doesn't cover as well, and makes the remaining glitter clumpy and unusable.