"Who I Am" Hand

Artists begin by choosing eighteen qualities that describe them as a person -- and end up with a lovely, colorful affirmation of who they are! 

Materials needed: 8 x 10" canvas board, canvas, or wood panel; acrylic paints, scissors, glue stick. Optional materials: colored pencils, crayons, markers, gel pens.

Simplify: younger artists will need help tracing their hand, cutting it out, and pasting; the youngest artists might need help writing in their words. Painting doesn't need to be perfect, and the quirkier efforts are adorable. Tip: this will truly be a keepsake for the youngest artists: the words they choose are honest and full of magic // Elevate: Hang on the wall by adding a ribbon to the back, or frame and display at home

Tip: To make the most of time, have artists paint in the colors while they are thinking about their eighteen qualities. 

Details: This was developed as an introspective project for artists during a holistic wellness seminar, and was designed to compliment the subject matter of the lectures that day.