Junk Drawer Robots

Spring clean, recycle, and make art!

Materials needed: Air-dry clay, Polymer Clay, or Salt Dough; clay tools or plastic knives and/or toothpicks, and items from your junk drawer such as: screws, washers, bolts, small metal coils, paper clips, safety pins, tacks, staples, random plastic game pieces, dice, rhinestones, sequins, mini christmas tree bulbs, small hinges, bobby pins, buttons, wire, tinfoil, use your imagination!

Simplify: For younger artists, use air-dried clay, which is a little easier to work with; or choose a larger box of plain white polymer clay and paint your robots after they're baked // Elevate: have older artists create texture with tools and toothpicks, create "dials", switchboards, etc with tiny shapes or rhinestones. Paper clips can be opened up and used to create antenna with balls of clay on top.

Classroom tip: In order to avoid chaos in "who gets what piece", pre-bag 4-5 pieces of junk per bag, and pass out to students. Emphasize being creative with the pieces they're given. Home projects: the fun can begin the moment you start gathering your materials, have your artists join you looking through drawers, tool boxes, the garage, and bins of toys.

Note: If you are using Polymer clay and intend to bake your Robot, make sure to take special care in selecting your "junk" pieces: keep pill-sized batteries and other dangerous materials out of the oven!