Matryoshka Nesting Family 

When I began teaching art, my (now ridiculous) decree was: "I will create high-quality art projects, which means no painted macaroni and no toilet paper rolls!" And then I thought this project up and I got to eat my words. I love projects that utilize recycled materials, and this is a fun one. The resulting "family" is adorable and a blast to play with. High-quality, indeed!

Materials needed: Toilet paper rolls (paper towel rolls can also be used) collage papers, clear tape, glue stick, acrylic paint. Optional: markers, colored pencils or crayons

Simplify: Have youngest artists use sharpies and paint directly on the cardboard tubes; adults will be needed to create smaller and thinner nesting pieces by using scissors and clear tape // Elevate: Have older artists cover the rolls in collage papers, beginning with a circle-shaped sheet that acts as the "top" so that the pieces can stack.

Matryoshka means "little matron" in Russian, and Matryoshka dolls have been loved for years, with many different versions of the nesting dolls created worldwide. 

Ideas for your Matryoshka family: create an actual family (Mother, Father, sister, brother, pet), aliens, animals, dinosaurs, robots, superhero characters, world leaders...