Painted Feathers Project

This is a project that artists of all ages love!

Materials needed: Large feathers with firm/stiff plumage (such as Turkey feathers) white is best but black can be used too; acrylic paint, brushes of all sizes. Optional: glitter or metallic paint.

Simplify: Younger artists work with larger brushes to apply paint; adults can help hold the feathers // Elevate: Older artists work with finer brushes, adding detail such as geometric shapes, stripes, dots, hearts, diamonds, chevrons. Feathers can be dipped in glitter or painted with metallic paint.

Note: It is helpful to create a "holding place" for the feathers before and after they have been painted; a good way to do this is to take styrofoam that you were going to recycle (the styrofoam in these photos came in electronics box) and puncture it with small holes; feathers fit right in and stand up straight.