Painted Poems

This is a very fun project that requires a bit of thought.. transform a page of fiction or non-fiction into poetry simply by painting over most of the text. What remains is your poem!

Materials needed: An old book (or books), acrylic paint, medium to thin brushes, pencils. Vintage books will have darkened paper, which is very striking when using light colored paint. Optional: acrylic gouache, which has excellent opacity and will cover easier than acrylic. (??? will the water mess this up?)

Simplify: For younger artists, use old children's books that tend to have larger type + words, which will be easiest to circle and paint around; some of the youngest artists will need help circling the words they have chosen and then help painting around the words. 

Elevate: Older artists can be creative in the border around their poem, including details within the poem (see "little stars open to life" above) or even illustrations. These pieces are beautiful framed "floating" or matted in a classic museum frame, and can be incorporated into scrap booking, sketchbooks, and art journaling pages. Also is a thoughtful and lovely present.

Tip: When circling words, try to circle with as much space as possible around the word, even if that means running your pencil into words on either side of it, underneath it and above. You can always correct your outline later when painting.