Sugarplum Garland

Sweet enough to eat... almost! This festive garland is created with paint and real sugar and candy sprinkles! A real treat to make, and even cuter to display!

Materials needed: Project template printed on medium-to-thick white paper, string or baker's twine, acrylic paint, colored sugar, small candy sprinkles, hole punch, glue. I used candy sprinkles and colored sugar from my kitchen that had expired, so there was nothing to buy!

Simplify: Have younger artists work on trays or baking sheets with a lip so that excess candies and sugar is contained; make sure artists don't eat sugar or candy once it's been attached with glue or paint, have adults help with cutting out shapes, punching holes, and threading string // Elevate: have older artists use tiny brushes to create detail

Note: If there are many sugarplums made by a whole family: create one large garland, alternating each artist's sugarplums.