Surprise Collages

Artists explore layering different media, learn how to create texture, and then have the “surprise” of cutting shapes out of the piece they’ve made. Create really cool art to frame up and display on your wall! This approach to art-making is the basis of what has given my work its fun and distinctive style. 

Materials needed: Project print-out, acrylic or watercolor paint, crayons, oil pastels, scissors, glue stick; white paper to mount on. Optional materials: canvas, wood panel or canvas board to mount onto.

Conversation starters: "Today we are going to have fun creating without being attached to the outcome; the art we make at the start of the project is just the beginning...."

Simplify: Younger artists often get attached to their artwork and might have a hard time "cutting it up". If that's the case, photograph or scan the masterpiece, print out a copy, and have the artist cut up the copy // Elevate: older artists can layer on collage papers with glue sticks or matte medium, and paint over, making sure that the paper is not too thick to cut with scissors. The end piece is truly a "surprise", and each time this project is done the piece is different. These are adorable framed and displayed on the wall.