The ABC's of Me / The ABC's of Us Project

What makes you YOU? What makes your family YOUR FAMILY?

Artists begin with choosing words that describe them as a person -- or if a parent and child are working together: what words describe them as a family. Ideas: qualities, likes, loves, favorite things, foods, locations, beloved places, family names, pets, nicknames, silly made-up family words, memories, vacation spots, home, colors, scents. This is a fantastic projects for tweens, teens, and adults, as they love to identify the words that make them unique.

Materials needed: 12 x 16" canvas board, canvas, or wood panel. Acrylic paints, colored pencils, crayons, collage materials, papers, stamps, glue sticks. Note: because of the "smear" quality of oil pastels, they should be avoided in this project since there is a lot of glueing involved.

Simplify: parents gather words from young artists as young artists color in letters; parents cut letters and help paste // Elevate: have artists create their own letters, add a border or other decorative details, hang with a silk ribbon, frame as a family keepsake.