Commission a one-of-a-kind mandala, and infuse your surroundings with vibrant, healing energy.

A Personalized Mandala is a beautiful way to:

* Celebrate a birthday, wedding, or anniversary *
* Welcome a new baby into the world *
* Uplift your home or office *
* Bring joy and focus to a yoga studio *
* Add beauty to a spiritual or wellness business *
* Bless a place of healing *

Inside The Making of a Mandala

// Hawthorn Mandala, Mixed media and gold leaf on canvas, 24 x 24" // 

// Blue Mandala, Mixed media and gold leaf on canvas, 24 x 24" // 


Over the past few years, I have given dear family members and friends the gift of a personalized mandala from Shelley. Each one has been stunning, filled with imagery that speaks to the recipient. There are always tears - joyful tears - in the giving and receiving of this gift. And Shelley is unfailingly a joy to work with, and brings deep consideration and personalization to each of these pieces. I’m so happy that these meaningful gifts will now be reaching more people.
— Tara Mohr, author, Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create and Lead
I have commissioned Shelley twice for two distinct art pieces, both of which are extraordinary and each quite different. When Shelley asked me what I had in mind, I told her that I would trust her artist instincts. She did meticulous research and created a stellar piece that has consistently drawn praise from visitors to the room. The second piece was more of a challenge: with only one story as a jumping off point, Shelley created a piece that is simple and complex simultaneously. It honors and provokes, always drawing in those who view it.

Working with Shelley could not have been easier or more pleasant. She possesses a great ability to listen, taking in the speaker’s thoughts, and then engaging in a creative dialogue as she partners with you in designing the piece. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— SL, Oakland, CA
All the things I love most in the world are in my Mandala; it is gracious, elegant and extremely happy, inspiring me to always feel abundant, joyous, and loved. A deep, green-blue base is rich with accents in gold leaf and yellow, flowered patterns in turquoise and white rays of light rushing outwardly from the center creating a bold burst of energy. With each glimpse of Shelley’s mandala I am encouraged to be adventurous, to explore life more, and to search for new experiences. When I see it, I feel free.
— CW, Santa Barbara, CA
I commissioned a piece from Shelley for my friends as a wedding gift. Shelley did not know the couple, and all I did was give her a few facts about them — how they met, where they were from, etc. The piece she created exceeded all of my expectations — it was stunning to look at, intuitive and unique. She incorporated all of the elements into a one-of-a-kind piece, and my friends were blown away. They have told me time and time again that it was/is their favorite gift and how they look at it every day. I would recommend commissioning an original piece from Shelley for any occasion, especially a special event, wedding or anniversary.
— LL, Brooklyn, NY